What happens on the first visit?

On your first visit, we will perform a thorough exam, x-rays (if required) and consult with you any concerns or questions you have in regards to your oral health and formulate a treatment plan that best suits you and discuss the various treatment options which are available.


I have a toothache?

It can be very distressing to be suffering from a toothache or any other pain originating from your mouth and surrounding structures. We always aim to and usually can see patients on the same day who are in pain. You can call us for advice  on how to best manage the pain until you can come in and see us. When making an appointment, our nurses may ask questions over the phone regarding your pain or problematic tooth so that we can prepare for your visit.


Why do my gums bleed?

The most common cause of bleeding gums is plaque build up on your teeth. Bacteria feeds off this food releasing toxins which cause inflammation of the gums resulting in bleeding (gingivitis). It may indicate that your oral hygiene techniques may need some improvement. By making sure the toothbrush is angled into the gums in conjunction with gentle circular motions, this will maximise plaque removal. Brushing twice daily and flossing each day is strongly recommended in maintaining your oral hygiene. If gingivitis is left untreated, it may lead to periodontitis which is a more serious condition affecting not only the gums but the surrounding structures so please call us for an examination so that we may assess the health of your gums.


What do I do if I have a chipped or broken tooth?

Firstly, don't panic. Often a chipped tooth can easily be repaired using tooth coloured materials which match the colour of your teeth. We need to assess the condition of the chipped/broken tooth to offer you the treatment option with the best outcome. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible (same day) so please call us on (02) 4284-5476 to book an appointment to see one of our dentists.


I have a missing tooth, what can I do?

There are many treatment options for missing teeth. You can have a dental implant placed, bridges, dentures or sometimes orthodontics to close the gap. Our dentists will be able to assess and recommend the optimal treatment option for you.


I have a swelling and finding it difficult to breathe!

There are occasions when a tooth is infected and the infection spreads beyond the confines of the jaw bone. This can be a life threatening condition if left untreated. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, please call 000 for help or present to your local hospitals emergency department. The closest to our clinic is Wollongong hospital (click here). If you have a swelling, toothache or any other oral pain, please call us on (02) 4284-5476 for an emergency appointment.


How long does it take to make an appointment and be seen?

Usually we can make an appointment for you on the spot and see you at a time that suits you best. For dental emergencies, we strive to see you on the same day.


At what age should I start bringing my child to the dentist?

The short answer is as soon as they have teeth. However, it is common for very young children to be afraid and therefore if they are able to accompany you to your appointment to familiarise themselves with the environment and possibly even have a "ride" in the dental chair, is a great start. It is important for parents to closely monitor the child's teeth at home for any obvious abnormalities such as "white" or "brown" patches,  dark spots or holes. If you have further questions, please call us on (02) 4284-5476 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What health funds are accepted?

We accept all health funds which are connected to HICAPS for your convenience. This means you can claim through your healthfund on the spot. Also, if your child is eligible for the Medicare's Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), we can bulk bill so there are no out of pocket expenses for you.


More about us

At New Smile Dental, we believe the key to great health and confidence starts with a beautiful smile. We pride ourselves in providing quality comfort care to the community using the latest techniques and equipment. Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced to deliver the highest quality care for you and your family. Dr Kyoung (Patrick) CHO holds a degree in Bachelor of Dentistry at the University of Sydney as well as a degree in Bachelor of Applied Sciences - Medical Radiation Sciences- Diagnostic Radiography. Dr Eunbi (Vicki) PARK holds a degree in Bachelor of Oral Health - Graduate Diploma Dentistry from Griffith University. Both dentists are registered with the Australian Healh Practitioners Regulation Agency.