Cosmetic Dentistry

As a quality dentist aiming to provide you with superior services, New Smile Dental can offer you relief from damaged and decayed teeth as well as missing or discoloured teeth.


With teeth whitening, veneers, tooth coloured fillings, crowns and bridges, we can help you achieve the beautiful smile that you have always wanted by restoring lost tooth structure with materials which match the colour of your teeth for the most natural look.


What is a crown?

A crown is a restorative treatment method which essesntially caps a tooth that is damaged, previously been heavily filled or discoloured. It protects the remaining tooth structure from further damage and allows you to maintain normal function. It is also designed to match your current teeth in shape, size and colour to maximise the natural apperance of your teeth.








What is a dental bridge?

Bridges are placed and cemented to the surrounding teeth to ensure your other teeth do not shift or rotate and is an alternate method of replacing missing teeth to dental implants. As with crowns, bridges help you to maintain normal function and will be matched to the colour of your teeth to ensure a naturally appearance.








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